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Enable everyone to know their exposure to air pollution

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Today we know how to measure air pollution, but what about our exposure?

Local authorities, associations, citizen studies, education, research programs but also companies, many structures are interested in the assessment of air quality, more particularly in the exposure to pollution, at the individual or group level.
Each organization has its own specific objectives, but they all have in common the need to specify their technical needs, identify the appropriate equipment, train the users, maintain the equipment and structure the data.
This is AirSentinels's mission, to provide you with technical and logistical support so that you can focus on your core mission.


How to assess individual exposure to air pollution?
How to assess it at a group level?

A turnkey solution

AirSentinels AirSentinels accompanies you in your projects by proposing sensors adapted to your needs, a customizable cartographic visualization solution, and a training and support program.

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1. Sensor fleet

  • - Sensor fleet sales and rental
  • - Smartphone rental with data plan
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cartographie pollution airsentinels

2. Cartography

  • - Individual and collaborative mapping
  • - Configurable visualization
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formation à l'utilisation de capteurs citoyens

3. Consulting & Training

  • - Project support
  • - User training kit
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Advice and expertise

We identify together the tools best adapted to your objectives, your budget and your roadmap.


A customized solution

What types of sensors to choose, how many, how to retrieve the data and exploit the information?


Adapted to your budget

With leasing, you don't have to invest in a fleet of sensors and in software and development.


Technical support

Often underestimated, user support is at the heart of the success of your project.


Sensor / data training

Having tools is good, knowing how to use them is better, it is even essential to collect quality data.


You control your data

No recovery, post-processing or resale of your information.

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Citizen studies, Professional exposure, Research, Associations, Education

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1. Devices

Adapted to your needs and your budget

AirSentinels provides devices for sale or rent that have been selected on several criteria, including measurement quality and ease of use.
Depending on your needs, we identify the most suitable type of sensor.

Particular attention is also paid to the simplicity and clarity of the conditions of use of the data.
The goal is to ensure simple and controlled access to the data you collect.

Sensors technical specifications
  • capteurs de polution
  • airsentinels atmotube application mobile
  • airsentinels atmotube application capteur
  • airsentinels pmscan mesure outdoor
  • airsentinels pmscan vélo
  • airsentinels pmscan cuisine

2. Mapping

Easily exploit and enhance your data

With AirMap360° you have a powerful solution to visualize customizable dynamic collaborative maps.

  • - Choice of measurement period and pollutant
  • - Configurable thematic analyses
  • - Visualization of external layers (wms..)
  • - Synchronization map / exposure curve
  • - Individual and group data
  • - Weather data of the day of the measurement

AirMap360° video

3. Consulting & Training

Training is the key to success

Technologies have an important place but the right support and training of users, in line with your objectives is essential.

  • - Project support
  • - User support
  • - Generic training
  • - Customized training
  • - Animation
  • - Communication

“While the subject of pollution measurement is already widely covered, there is however still much to be done on the subject of exposure assessment. With several millions of data already collected and used and innovative tools specifically developed, AirSentinels provides those who wish to work on this subject with solutions adapted to their needs and objectives.”
David Riallant
AirSentinels Founder

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